Caving & Potholing

Beneath the Settle Area are some of the finest and most spectacular cave systems in the UK!

Victoria Cave, Jubilee Cave, Gaping Gill, Juniper Gulf, Grey Wife Hole, Quaking Pot, Sunset Hole, Hurtle Pot, Little Douk Pot
are the intriguing names of just a few of the caves and potholes.

The location of the many caves and potholes can be found here >>

An often misunderstood sport, caving offers the chance to explore a truly stunning and unique environment of underground rivers and streams, vast quiet chambers adorned with thousands of delicate stalactites hanging from the roof, deep shafts reverberating with the sound of the waterfalls crashing down them, cascades, and walls rich in fossils.

 Caves and potholes are extremely dangerous for all but the well-equipped and experienced.  Training and safety are of paramount importance – what to wear, what equipment, lights, emergency procedures etc. In order to learn how to cave safely, people should get help from experienced cavers. The easiest way to do this is to join a caving club - Craven Pothole Club, Bradford Pothole Club and North Pennine Club all have their headquarters in the Settle Area - or hire the services of expert caving instructors such as Yorkshire Dales Guides based near Stainforth.

For the less adventurous, Ingleborough Cave and White Scar Cave  are Show Caves where ordinary members of the public can safely venture underground led by a knowledgable guide.


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Yorkshire Dales Guides - Caving and Potholing
Choose from a number of Caving & Potholing adventures led by expert local guides. Whether you're a complete novice or looking to develop advanced caving skills, there is an adventure to suit your needs.

Attermire Scar, Warrendale Knots, Victoria Cave, Jubilee Cave
Attermire lies high above Settle and is a breathtaking series of limestone scars, scree slopes and caves. The limestone was formed in shallow tropical seas approx. 330 million years ago.
Gaping Gill - a very large pothole!
Gaping Gill is a famous pothole on the limestone moors flanking Ingleborough just above Clapdale and the village of Clapham in the "Three Peaks" area of the Yorkshire Dales. 

White Scar Cave - Show Cave
White Scar Cave is the longest show cave in Britain. The guided tour is 1 mile and takes approx. 80 minutes. 

Ingleborough Cave - Show Cave
Ingleborough Cave, first entered and made accessible in 1837, is one of the Yorkshire Dales finest examples of limestone scenery. A well lit concrete footpath leads you past huge stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones. Visitors are lead by our expert guides through ...

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