Crummackdale (or Crummack Dale) is a small, sparsely-populated dale lying to the north of Austwick.

Austwick Beck rises at the head of Crummackdale and flows westward into the River Wenning and then the River Lune which enters the Irish Sea at Lancaster.
The dale is a typical glacier-formed valley with limestone terraces and scars along the valley side.
On the western side are the fascinating Norber Erratics (huge sandstone boulders transported here from cliffs over a mile away by a glacier during the last ice age and deposited when the glacier melted) and Long Scar.
At the head of the dale are Thieves Moss and Sulber where you can see some of the finest expanses of limestone pavement in the area.
On the eastern side is Moughton, which separates Crummackdale from Ribblesdale.