The upper end of the valley of the River Aire is known as Malhamdale.

Malham Tarn is at the head of the dale which then runs through Watlowes Dry Valley, over Malham Cove and through the villages of Malham, Kirky Malham, Hanlith and Airton.
Below Airton, Malhamdale becomes Airedale and then the Aire Valley.
The River Aire flows towards the North Sea in a south-easterly direction passing through Skipton, Keighley and Leeds before joining the River Ouse at Airmyn, near to Goole, which in turn joins the River Trent to become the Humber.
The countryside surrounding Malhamdale is famous for its limestone scenery of dry valleys, limestone pavements, becks, waterfalls and scars. Popular attractions are Malham Tarn, Watlowes Dry Valley, Janet’s Foss, Gordale Scar.