Norber Erratics

Erratics are huge boulders transported far from their origin by glaciers during the last ice age and left behind when the glaciers melted.

The Norber Erratics, over 100 in total,  are perhaps the finest example of erratics in Britain and can be found on the southern slopes of Ingleborough, close to the village of Austwick. 

Massive dark boulders of sandstone and slate, some of them precariously balanced on limestone plinths, are a spectacular sight and well worth a visit.





by Where2Walk

Austwick, Norber and Crummack Dale

"If I was ever asked to summarise the Dales landscape at its best then I would describe the walk through Austwick and Crummackdale. The view from the limestone pavement on Long Scar reveals a vast panorama starting from the summit of Ingleborough to the north west. From here turn north east through the uniform Moughton Scars with Pen-y-Ghent beyond. Pen-y-Ghent is seen at its best here."   Jonathan, Where2Walk


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