Spectacular Landscape

Wherever you go there'll be glorious views to admire and enjoy.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge your senses
amidst the peaceful, awe-inspiring landscapes of the Settle Area.
Where silence is only broken by the baa-ing of sheep, the singing of birds
and the splashing of water in the becks.

Peaks, Dales, Fells, Moors, Caves, Potholes, Scars, Crags, Gills, Rivers, Becks, Waterfalls, Tarns,
Limestone Pavements, Erratics, Wild Flowers, Ancient Woodland, Bird Song, Country Lanes,
Dry Stone Walls, Stone-Built Field Barns, Pretty Villages

Below is a collection of the very best sights within our breath-taking landscape.

Visit them all and create wonderful memories of the time you've spent in the Settle Area.

Castleberg Crag
The tall limestone rock of Castleberg has been recognised as a beauty spot for centuries, ever since travellers started touring Britain’s natural wonders. The first visitors  ...
Settle Riverside Walk
Explore the lovely River Ribble on the Riverside Walk. Suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs and cycles, and within easy reach of the town centre. Stroll past old cotton and snuff  ...
Catrigg Force (Waterfall)
Catrigg Force is an absolute gem. The waterfall is hidden from view in a small secluded copse one mile upstream of Stainforth village. The main waterfall has a vertical drop  ...
Scaleber Force (Waterfall)
Scaleber Force is a stunning 40ft waterfall whose crystal clear waters tumble over limestone cliffs before plunging into a deep pool.The waterfall is readily accessible from ...
Stainforth Force (Waterfall)
At Stainforth Force, just west of Stainforth village, the River Ribble tumbles over a series of cascades where salmon can often be seen leaping on their final journey up river to their ...
Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail
The Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail leads from an old sawmill, past a lake, and up a valley through woodland and wild flowers, into open space below Thwaite Scars, very close to ...
Trow Gill Gorge
Trow Gill is a spectacular, wooded limestone ravine at the head of Clapdale near Clapham.
Gaping Gill - a very large pothole!
Gaping Gill is a famous pothole on the limestone moors flanking Ingleborough just above Clapdale and the village of Clapham in the "Three Peaks" area of the Yorkshire Dales. 
Malham Cove
Malham Cove is a huge natural limestone cliff and was once the scene of a spectacular prehistoric waterfall. At the top of the cove is a fine limestone pavement - which  ...
Malham Tarn
A popular Dales beauty spot set amid rolling hills and rugged moorland. This outstanding area of limestone pavements, upland hill farms and flower-rich hay meadows  ...
Gordale Scar
A great limestone gorge near Malham some 400 feet deep, Gordale Scar is believed to be the remains of a huge underground cavern whose roof collapsed around the time ...
Janet's Foss
Janet's Foss is a very pretty waterfall and pool set in ancient woodland a short distance from Malham Village.
One of the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks, Pen-y-Ghent's stepped, domed outline dominates the surrounding landscape and has led people to describe it as being  .....
At 723m (2,372ft), Ingleborough is the second highest of the Yorkshire Three Peaks but is probably most people's favourite with the interesting route up from Clapham   .....
At 736m (2,415ft), the highest of the Yorkshire Three Peaks is the least popular among walkers perhaps because of its less iconic profile and the long ascent. The fine views .....
Attermire Scar, Warrendale Knots, Victoria Cave, Jubilee Cave
Attermire lies high above Settle and is a breathtaking series of limestone scars, scree slopes and caves. The limestone was formed in shallow tropical seas approx. 330 million years ago.
Winskill Stones - Nature Reserve, Limestone Pavement
The Winskill Stones Nature Reserve lies above the village of Stainforth. It is home to an amazing section of limestone pavement and a profusion of wild flowers.
Norber Erratics
The Norber Erratics, over 100 in total,  are perhaps the finest example of erratics in Britain and can be found on the southern slopes of Ingleborough, close to the village of Austwick. 
Oxenber and Wharfe Woods
Oxenber & Wharfe Woods is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) renowned for its profusion of wildflowers (particularly bluebells), limestone pavements and ...
Cleatop - Ancient Woodland and Nature Reserve
Atmospheric, enchanting, ancient woodland set on a west-facing slope scattered with large boulders deposited in the last ice age. A 2 mile walk from Settle.
Gisburn Forest
Wilderness and relaxation go hand in hand at Gisburn Forest. Enjoy fantastic cycling and walking in the heart of the stunning Forest of Bowland.
Stocks Reservoir
Stocks Reservoir lies within the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Beauty and covers an area the size of 500 football pitches. The reservoir is an important site for wildfowl .....
Long Preston Flood Plain
The Long Preston Flood Plain is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) providing habitats for many specialist species of flora and fauna ...
Dry Rigg Quarry - Visitor Trail
Dry Rigg Quarry is a working gritstone quarry in Upper Ribblesdale, producing a stone with exceptional wearing and skid-resistant properties. Tarmac, the quarry owners have  .....
Yorkshire Dales National Park
The Yorkshire Dales National Park lies to the north and east of the Settle Area and covers an area of over 860 square miles. Rolling hills and wandering dales. Rugged and wild .....
Dales Discoveries
There are over 30 different Yorkshire Dales to explore. All the places on here are recommended by locals so you can get insider tips on what to see and do in Wensleydale, Swaledale & ....  
Forest of Bowland - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
The Forest of Bowland - an area of outstanding natural beauty - lies very close to the Settle area and is a fantastic place to explore. Bowland is essentially upland country forming  ...
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