"Thorir's Hillside or Hill-Pasture"
from the Old Norse personal name 'Thorir', and the Old English  'sîde' meaning a side/long hill slope or the old English 'set' meaning a dwelling/camp/place for animals/stable/fold
Ref: Key to English Place-names - University of Nottingham
Tosside is a village that lies on the edge of the Forest of Bowland, straddling the Yorkshire/Lancashire border.

It is located 8½ miles south-west of Settle and has a population of approximately 150.
Tosside is the 'highest' village in the Settle area being 870ft (270m) above sea level.
An alternative theory on the origin of the Tosside name is that It can be traced back to two old Scandinavian words - 'Tod' meaning fox and 'Saetr' meaning a high summer pasture. The name gradually changed to Toddsett, then Tossett and ultimately to Tosside. This fact is recognised to this day with the symbol of the fox being present on the top of the small water fountain at the centre of the village.
The village has a Holiday Park (Bowland Fell) which includes an Inn, and a thriving Community Centre.
There are 25 listed buildings within the parish.